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Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance & Tracking System (PCIT) United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
PCIT Support


Attending a PCIT Webinar (a web-based seminar) is a great way to learn and ask questions about PCIT. Generally after a major new release a series of Webinars will be scheduled.

** Recordings of the latest Webinars are available on the PCIT System section of the APHIS Website. **

Software Requirements

In order to access the PCIT Webinars, users must have Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 installed on their computers.

Download Microsoft Live Meeting 2007

Please Note: You will not receive a confirmation that Live Meeting has been successfully installed.
To confirm installation, go to Start > All Programs and look for Microsoft Live Meeting 2007.

Webinar Schedule

The information for joining the events is below by date, when joining access both the phone and web portions.

Please check back soon for the webinar schedule for PCIT.

In an effort to know how many participants to expect, please send Christian Dellis an email at: In the subject line of the email, indicate the day in which you will be participating. Individuals may participate in multiple sessions.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support of the PCIT system.

Christian B. Dellis
Senior Export Specialist
4700 River Road, Unit 140
Riverdale, MD 20737
(301) 734-5233
(301) 734-7639 (fax)