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Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance & Tracking System (PCIT) United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
PCIT Support


July 15, 2008:

Money Handling Tips for Federal ACOs

We're trying to expand on some of the benefits of PCIT and make reporting, data collection, and completion of forms easier and less time consuming on all the ACOs. To start with, we'll look at correctly handing money in the PCIT system.
APHIS 94 Generated From PCIT

PCIT now tracks money across the country, all the money for phytos goes into one accounting code and it is the one that automatically appears on the PCIT generated 94. Some port locations are still handwriting 94s with a different accounting code on them. Minneapolis has to eventually transfer money into the new account if the 94 from PCIT is not used.

In the future please use the 94 generated from PCIT. In case you don't know how to generate the PCIT one:

  1. Log into PCIT.
  2. Click "View Reports" on the left hand menu.
  3. Select "PCIT Generated APHIS 94 information", and click "submit".
  4. Select the duty station, input the date range, and click "next".
  5. Click "Generate Report".
  6. Check it for accuracy, print it, sign it, attach checks, and submit according to normal procedures.

Charging For A PPQ Form 578 In PCIT

The PCIT system tracks all the money for 577s, 578s, and 579s. The system will generate one 94 for all submissions of money. The system is set up this way for a number of reasons. Mostly so the financial department can track all the money and so that exporters can pay a lump sum of money (say $200) and use it for all certificates they obtain from us. It works better than if exporters gave us a check for $200 then wanted a 578 and we required another check for $50 each time.

Then to charge for a 578 in PCIT:

  1. Log into PCIT.
  2. Click "Financial Management" on the left hand menu.
  3. Search for the company and click "Transactions" beside their name.
  4. Select "Charge for a certificate issued outside of PCIT" and click next.
  5. Fill in the blanks and click save.