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Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance & Tracking System (PCIT) United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
PCIT Support
PCIT Help Desk
Phone: 1-866-HLP-PCIT (1-866-457-7248)
eAuthentication Support
Access to PCIT requires a USDA eAuthentication account - Please visit the USDA eAuthentication FAQs for information on eAuthentication account registration or eAuth account support. If you need assistance or support related to eAuthentication and the PCIT application, please contact the APHIS eAuthentication Helpdesk.
Contact: eAuthentication Contact Us
PCIT Account Change Requests
To change financial or organizational/personal account information in PCIT, complete the following worksheet:
PCIT Help Request Worksheet
Send completed form to the PCIT Help Desk.
Fax: To fax the completed form, contact the
PCIT Help Desk at 1-866-457-7248
for information.

Thank you for accessing PCIT Online Support. For your convenience, we have separated support topics by section, listed in the navigation above. You may also select the topic in the dropdown box on the upper right corner of every PCIT Support page.

For specific questions about export regulations, commodities, and application and Phytosanitary Certificate processing:

Additional questions concerning Phytosanitary Certificates or verification/interpretation of regulation changes may be directed to PPQ Export Services: