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Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance & Tracking System (PCIT) United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
PCIT Support

Awards and Recognition

The 21st Annual GCN Awards Government Computer News recognizes PCIT as one of the best government information technology initiatives of 2008 and is named an agency award winner!
For more information on the PCIT Government Computer News Agency Award, click here.
The ComputerWorld Honors Program PCIT is named a 2008 Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award Finalist. The ComputerWorld Honors Program recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations who use Information Technology to benefit the world.
For more information on the PCIT Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award, click here.
2007 InfoWorld 100 InfoWorld names PCIT as an InfoWorld 100 Award recipient for 2007, InfoWorld's highest honor. InfoWorld recognizes excellence in IT projects around the globe.
For more information on the PCIT Infoworld 100 Award, click here.